Collectible hobby ★

Tiring day!

After outing at Ipoh on Saturday night,

I immediately rushed to the airport

to fetch my parents from Bali.

Encamped at the LCCT since 5 in the morning

with instant porridge as breakfast.

I didn't sleep at all.

Not good for health (-__-')

Travelling north south is tiring.

But suddenly 

I felt overjoyed when they bought me souvenirs.

But the most treasured souvenir

would be the one you always collect.

One you always look for when travelling.

Collectible items.

Yappari 。!


We all fond of collectible items.

I collect this.

and I spread my hobby worldwide

in search of unique design.

This I bought in China. Han Dynasty.

Made from porcelain. Classy finishing. Sugoiii

This is from China too. Qing Dynasty version.

This is from Bali.

Carved from wood.

There's also one from India in my collection.

I don't play often.

I just like to collect.

Arigatou, okaa-san 




Just feel like writing today.


My chosen theme.

It's always been like this.

If you go to McDonald's, do you like to eat the fries with sauce?

I don't.

What is your favourite prime flavor?

I prefer Vanilla.

I've been on experiences.

Girls without make up looks much better,

Sometimes, I felt sorry, they look funny with make ups on.

Do girls know?

Gentlemen like naturality, a pure appearance.

Doesn't matter if you're pretty or plain.

Just saying.

Or maybe their rationale is to cover their beauty,

So they had make ups on, as a cover?

It's effective, I wouldn't look twice. (laughs)

Girls! Use make ups

as a protective mask.

Save your pure appearance for your future spouse.

I had a natural pair of eyes.

Looking back, all my past interests were purist.

Somehow I just couldn't retain the interest.


Boys will be boys. 

It's just that

I'm one of the boys

who prefer not the sauce.

Dang, weekend is here again.

Thank God !!!



Recent activities has changed.

Due to hectic schedule,

Has been a week since last time I lift weights and swim.

The campus pool has just re-open after sanitary maintenance.

Maybe I can go tomorrow.

Just to officiate my new pair of goggles.

My atelier is outdated.

So I decided to do some makeover.

First world problem.

The desk size is   (-__-')

Not sure if the desk is too small or the laptop is too big.

When can I move to village 5?



Today woke up early.

What a pleasure, waking up in own bed at home.

Because our housekeeper is sick.

The name is Abu. Because the color is kelabu (grey) 

4 years old cat.

We took it to the veterinar.

Very old, he looks like a tiger cub.

Used to have a long and fluffy tail,


Bad guys fixed its tail with metal string (-__-')

Now the tail is lost.

Fungal grew, and now is sick.

There is a big family of cats at our house.

But Abu is always the master housekeeper.

Genki de itekudasai!


Short break

Tadaima (^-^)/

Back home for 4 days mid semester break 

It was a stormy journey.

Driving for 4 hours through the heavy downpour.

This photo

was taken before the storm.

Yeah, funny.

I finished exam 30 minutes before.

Many words related to storm and flood still in my head.

Hydrology stuff.

Had a chat with mom.

I was made aware of my rights.

Yes, turning 21 is quite a big deal (laughs) for a first son.

Though so, I hope my family will live healthily  

till I'm fully ready to shoulder the role.

I'm learning life as it is

bit by bit.



You know the feeling when we expect something and it always let us down?

Yeah, it even become the infamous expectation vs reality meme these days.

I just received a call from home

Shocking news, my prawns are dead.

Sou dana   been raising a couple of prawns.

because herding fish is too mainstream.

(laughs) yeah, I read memes sometimes.

I was hoping my family would take care of them

I guess.

Important responsibilities must be shouldered alone.

Because standard is high.

The expectation is also high.

It's natural.

Not bad, it helps to be independent.

Can't blame them, they're busy too.

I'm going home in 2 days.

Yappari supposed to be happy to meet them.

Throw away the disappointment.

Sayonara prawns.



MAUtobots ★

Last Friday my VAIO was hit by virus.

Was so worried that I couldn't slept.

My VAIO has been resistible to virus before this 

Yappari sudden invasion like this caught me totally off guard.


Went to PC service nearby

The shop owner is a Palestinian

He can speak Malay very well!


His service was good and professional too, yeah.

Check out his shop

UNOPC (^0^)

located next 2 lots after Acer shop

at Bandar Universiti, Tronoh.

And yesterday,

it was revealed

that my MAU2032 was actually 

an Autobots!

The first Proton Autobots of Waja model.


What shall I name it?