Old Times

Watched Avengers last night.

Doesn't exceed my expectation,

It was a good watch

Worthy being helmed as film of the year.

A specific character I like

would be the Captain.

Old style? 

No it's not about style, it's character that matters.

Anyway I also spent the last sheet of coupon yesterday

Bought some books for little sister

And also a good read for me.

It's been quite some time

The last novel I finished reading was

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

Yappari this novel looks interesting 

12 days to go




Today I attended @TweetUp Ipoh

Met some familiar local artists.

It was a pleasure

Though we only get to stay for awhile

Due to the rain.

Cat Farish, used to produce nice songs with Ruffedge & The Fabulous Catz.

The feeling of standing next to a celebrity is a bit overwhelming.

And thus I look so uncool (laughs)

This is first time attending such event.

To be honest, I'd love to attend more functions

Especially outside campus.

Up next we went to TV3's JomHeboh carnival.

Pretty crowded

but not as happening as the one in Melaka.

I don't know about other states?

Update while eating chips.


Let's tweet!


Old Town

Decided to go to OTK for the last time,

before final week.

Old Town Karaoke is so far the best place.

Decent rate, plus delicious meals.

Since roomate is a VIP member,

We already visited several times this year (-__-')

Screaming out your stress  

But I enjoyed practicing vibrato more 

Preferably slow ballads?

5 hours, not quite enough for regulars like us,

So hardcore!

Hazim & Iskandar also accompanied tonight.

Coincidentally they were wearing the same outfit.

I always look at them as fated twins.

Plus they are from same sign.


There was this pretty lady working there.

It makes me think,

It's good to have attractive employee.

It helps retain your customers.

I see what they did there  

Good business!


Rei 零


Went out to look for accessories.

I found collectible Akatsuki members rings.

From the famous manga Naruto.

Since I chose to be an Uchiha,

and was an avid supporter of Rain Village,

I bought the leader's ring.

Pain's ring.


Supposed to be worn on the right thumb.

The word  'Rei' on the ring means 'Zero'

Literally means nothing.

The color turquoise is matching with my zodiac.

So I was captivated (^-^)


Please recognize me

as new leader of Rain Village.

from the Uchiha bloodline!