Swimming is my new hobby 

Every Tuesday and Thursday evenin

I will spend the evening at pool.

It is relaxing and enjoyable.

New roommate is awesome, so I dragged him along each time 

But I cannot swim like normal person does.

My legs are weird (-_-;)


I swim like a submarine, using frog style.

Today I swam for 1 hour.

Not enough 

Plus I need to practice holding breath underwater.

Increasing my lung capacity.

Swimming really compliment healthy living style 



It's been a week.

Yeah 。returned to campus a week early to get prepared.

I'm starting to get adjusted with renewed environment 

Away from family, I feel a bit homesick.

After years of toiling and struggling, I learnt that family is most important, they must come first.

So, please love your family, no matter how estranged they make you feel sometimes.

The atmosphere is good.

I am a 'sunbae' now.

Looking forward for tomorrow.

Hope to get nice lecturers.

New semester, begin  


Beautiful Sky

The sky was a pleasant view this evening 
On the way to cafe after gym session with new roomate.

Look! Look!

Rainbow bridge 

Purple sky 

The tail seems to be heading somewhere near the academic blocks.

It's really beautiful 



Tonight our family dine at Muara Sungai Duyung grilled fish!

The best place in Melaka, besides Umbai grilled fish.

And as usual, I picked my favourite menu, grilled prawn 

Tonight we had special dinner, because tomorrow I'm leaving for another packed year at UTP.

Honestly, returning to campus gives me mixed feelings 

Especially after a long holiday.

Let's be optimist that the new semester will start well, and ends well too.

Then it'll be "All's well that ends well"




Kids these days play with iPhones, NintendoDS, iPad etc.

Look what I found during my recent trip to Cameron Highlands 


I was once an avid collectors of these gliders.

Fix it together, make the 'vroom' sound 

Throw it in the air, let it fly away with all your childhood worrisome.

That was happiness to me (^-^)


Winter Delhi

It's a late entry.

Feeling excited about my recent trip ( o )

INDIA (^0^)/

It was an adventurous journey! Busiest streets in the world. Honk here, honk there. I can never drive in India (-_-;)

The first day; arrived at Delhi and spent 1 night there before going to Kashmir by flight the next day.

So excited to see snow on the mountains!

So we arrived at Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir. The temperature was 4 ℃ , I think.

A family pose at Srinagar airport 

We stayed at a house-on-a-boat located at the famous Dal Lake 

We also visited Mount Gulmarg, it's time to play with snow!

But it's freezing, I had to put that sweater on! A friend told me it's cute. Thank you 

Riding up the gondola to the highest mountain was a breathtaking experience 

It's super-duper cold up there, my nose was constantly running

Sister and I planned to play snowball war, but the snow was too rigid like a stone!

So ends the Kashmir trip. Next was Agra 

Two must-go place - Agra Fort & Taj Mahal

Here I wore more casual outfit, but it's still cold.

After Agra came Jaipur, the pink city and returned back to Delhi on the last day.

Previous years was Beijing. Last year was Delhi. Next trip will be 。 after my industrial internship?

It doesn't matter where, spending holiday with family is always awesome!

Looking forward for future trips (^-^)


Curious Case

Today my new exclusive blog is open   

Thank you thank you

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting :

The reincarnation ;

The Curious Case of WMIS

(-_-;) That looks weird 

But it's one of my new hobby, photoshopping

Will post a lot of activities here

Pictures, fun times, enjoyable trips 

What a nice place to write 

Say hello to new beginnings