Long distance driving is tiring

Especially at late night.

But I couldn't resist

After 3 days of work

Back to hometown again.

I got this for my okaa-san 

I fancy Samsung products

But lately my Galaxy Note 2 is troublesome

Signs of instability

I came to think

That perhaps it's time to migrate

Not that I am older that I seek stability (laughs) 

I still like big screen though

Won't worry much

I'll just take a bite

and see if it fits me ;)

My heartful condolences

to relatives of passengers onboard #MH17




It has been more than a year since my last post.

I was not sick. 

No I did not get married and settled down either (laughs).

Final year in UTP was over. I finally finished my studies.

Feels like yesterday since I entered college life.

And now I am an engineer.


I got myself a decent job.

But I am always someone who looks back.

Despite moving on, I'm like a rescue ship.

Always trying to find any living survivors.

Any memories that can be rescued.

Therefore, this blog!

A lot of friends already abandon their blogs.

But I have an eye for the evergreen.

I will continue writing.


Please, stay tuned!

Thank you for inspiring me, Mr. Nagayama