Active lifestyle ★

It's reaching the end of February.

I shall update.

But since workloads are heavy.

Activities are not much.

I spent most of weekends in my atelier.

Engineering projects


Lab reports

Well, yes.

Lab reports are plenty and overwhelming 

Even my gap time

is filled with writing reports.

But I have confidence in myself.

Hope to hear from Alice soon.

I saw Red Bull while at the mart.

So I bought one.

It had always been your favourite.

Good for people who are always on-the-go.

Doing well in LA?


Domo Arigatou!

Today friends participated in DoTA tournament at UiTM

I didn't join though 

They won 2 games but lost 2,

So couldn't make it to the next round.

Because another ICT friend returned for the tournament,

We spent an all-boys night out 

Laser tag! (^0^)/

Last month I mentioned it, but no pictures.

So today I found the picture.

My score was not impressive last month.

But today I got 2nd place!  

It was fun, 

especially because roomate paid all 5 games for me 

Arigatou, Hazmie-san.


Front seat magic

Today at class, I sat at the front row.

Thanks to Captain Safwanus who invited me suddenly.

Time flies fast 

Why would it feels as if the class was too short?

I keep wanting to hear more from the lecturers.

But then the class already ended (-_-;)

Whenever I sat at the back row 

There was always this urge to finish early.

That the class was bored.

Next time I will sit in front more frequently!

Today I worked biceps and lats.

Another satisfying workout day! 



Just a short update.

My hair has grown back.

Still looks messy, spiky and short though.

I swear I won't go to any random barber again 

It's frightening.




Working out progress is good.

After 4 months of hard work 

I gained 20 pounds.

More to come.

Despite busy schedule 

Doing well with 3 lifting sessions per week.

Do I look different?


Prosperity ★

Today friends from ICT and BIS took a break from internship and visited us.

Delighted! We went to Ipoh and played laser tag.

It's much more fun than paintball, you should try it too 

In the evening, we visited malls in Ipoh.

I got myself a decent pair of futsal shoes!

Actually quite happy, it was my first time buying sport shoes 

May red brings lucky and prosperity! (^0^)/