Collectible hobby ★

Tiring day!

After outing at Ipoh on Saturday night,

I immediately rushed to the airport

to fetch my parents from Bali.

Encamped at the LCCT since 5 in the morning

with instant porridge as breakfast.

I didn't sleep at all.

Not good for health (-__-')

Travelling north south is tiring.

But suddenly 

I felt overjoyed when they bought me souvenirs.

But the most treasured souvenir

would be the one you always collect.

One you always look for when travelling.

Collectible items.

Yappari 。!


We all fond of collectible items.

I collect this.

and I spread my hobby worldwide

in search of unique design.

This I bought in China. Han Dynasty.

Made from porcelain. Classy finishing. Sugoiii

This is from China too. Qing Dynasty version.

This is from Bali.

Carved from wood.

There's also one from India in my collection.

I don't play often.

I just like to collect.

Arigatou, okaa-san