Just feel like writing today.


My chosen theme.

It's always been like this.

If you go to McDonald's, do you like to eat the fries with sauce?

I don't.

What is your favourite prime flavor?

I prefer Vanilla.

I've been on experiences.

Girls without make up looks much better,

Sometimes, I felt sorry, they look funny with make ups on.

Do girls know?

Gentlemen like naturality, a pure appearance.

Doesn't matter if you're pretty or plain.

Just saying.

Or maybe their rationale is to cover their beauty,

So they had make ups on, as a cover?

It's effective, I wouldn't look twice. (laughs)

Girls! Use make ups

as a protective mask.

Save your pure appearance for your future spouse.

I had a natural pair of eyes.

Looking back, all my past interests were purist.

Somehow I just couldn't retain the interest.


Boys will be boys. 

It's just that

I'm one of the boys

who prefer not the sauce.

Dang, weekend is here again.

Thank God !!!