Gracious Names


This week will be the last days for my internship

I'm anticipating the end 

Everything was so good, this place doesn't gives you stress or pressure.

I learnt all the bits between management and technical consultancy.

Last year, as I was seeking for placement, my intention is to do intern on pipeline engineering

But soon I abandoned the ambition as I look to secure placement first.

But God listens, even when you don't say it, he knows what you want. As-Sami': The All Hearing

And so I follow His plan, all the way until now.

His gift is fruitful, it leads to another path. Al-Basit: The One who increases

A possible plan for my final year project is already within my grasp. 

I pray that He forgive my sins and accept my repentance. At-Tawwab: The Hearer of Repentance

I hope the oil and gas knowledge that I gained here

will help me during the Structured Interview (SI)

As a civil engineering student, even being a scholar,

I will have to fight for my place.

I need to prove myself worthy and relevant to the business.

Ganbarimasu! Je vais faire de mon mieux! I will do my best!

Internship The End